Getting Your Walls Ready | Atlanta Family Photographer

Fall is the perfect time to deck your walls for gatherings with family and friends, and October is the perfect month to plan your wall gallery. How many of you have frantically put up wall galleries in a pinch? (You can see me raising my hand now!) Yes, I have been so, so guilty of this, but now have a simple plan to getting those walls ready for really showing your family portraits.

Have a Plan Going into Your Family Session. This may seem daunting, but this is where your photographer can help! Start planning when you book your family session. When I work with my clients, we talk about which walls in their homes need help updating, or which need a fresh new wall gallery.

Think of that empty wall space…

…and make an easy wall gallery.

How Does the Process Work? Simple. Walk your home and snap photos of all those empty walls. Ask yourself, “What would make me happy to see there?”

  • Clients often send me iPhone pictures of blank walls and I help them design galleries from there either before or after our photo session. Sometimes with families I’ve photographed over years, or for milestones, we go back to those older images and create a wall that makes them happy.
  • Make notes about each wall with dimensions.
  • You can then send me your pictures and notes and I will send you sample wall designs, or we meet in person to knock it out quickly.
  • Your designs include pricing with two options: 1) Ready-to-frame-prints; or 2) Framed prints

Even walls that seem intimidating can be easily turned into a gallery.

After you send in your wall picture and wall dimensions, you receive a quote based on options we discussed.

Wondering what type of paper to print on? It can be confusing if you are new to ordering professional prints. I’ve found that the best paper for your portraits is archival paper. There are two categories of paper that I offer depending on your use. My favorite for everyday prints is archival matte. I use this for my galleries that I regularly switch out and update, but I will either have these mounted or matted, depending on the look I am going for, to ensure the images don’t warp.

However, for my own family galleries I use the fine art matted prints to ensure they last when I pass them down to my kids and they to theirs.

Take a look at my Artwork page to read more about the different ways you can feature your family portraits.

Frames can be found for every budget. Over the years I have tried out every frame option imaginable. You can find frames for any budget, but make sure you know what your long-term plan is for your images.

  • If you have a wall you plan to update regularly, I would go with good quality ready-to-use frames.
  • If you’re framing a special piece intended to last for generations, consider upgrading to solid wood frames, and use UV-shielding and Abrasion Resistant Standard or Museum Acrylic to protect your images to ensure they stand the test of time.
  • I offer two options: ready-to-use and custom framing. Each of these frames are specially ordered through me through my trusted vendors.
  • When you book your session ask me about my frame guide and pricing. We’ll find the perfect option for what you have in mind.

You can stop procrastinating and know that this can be done. If you have any questions, ask away!

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